Antelope Woggle Pin

Antelope Woggle Pin

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Proudly display this Antelope pin to show your Wood Badge loyalty. For all those who can claim, "I used to be an antelope". Pins are great as a decoration for lapel, jacket, dress, suit, bag, backpack, hat, etc. This is a great gift for your patrol at reunions or to give to your patrol as a Thank You for the great memories.

Many associate the meaning of antelope with inspiration, tenderness, leaps over pettiness, and grace.

The leather woggle is symbolic of the skill of leather workers making familiar Turk's head neckerchief slides.

The slide has neither a beginning nor an end, comparable to the never-ending commitment made to serve youth and others. The woggle reminds us of the skill in all Wood Badge training that is emphasized in the practical phase of the course.

Product Dimensions: 3/4" round

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