Wood Badge Courses or Events Consignment Program

Ready to make your Wood Badge Course or Event a breeze?

Follow these simple steps to use our consignment shop:

  1. Fill out our quick and easy form: Let us know which patrols you'll have and any extra items you want. No boring paperwork, just a few clicks and you're good to go!
  2. Voila! The bundle is at your doorstep: We'll send you a magical bundle of products right to your door. It's like receiving a surprise gift, but without the guessing game. We even include an inventory list to keep things organized.
  3. Show off and sell like a pro: Get creative and display the products at your event in a way that makes them irresistible. It's your time to shine! And hey, you set the prices, so make it worth it.
  4. Packing up? No worries: If there are any unsold items, simply pack them up along with a check for the sold items. We even provide a handy reconciliation sheet to keep things super straightforward.
  5. Off it goes: Ship the return package to the address we provide. We've got this part covered, like a smooth getaway car in a movie scene. Goodbye, unsold items!
  6. Sit back and relax: Once we receive your return package, we'll take care of the rest. We'll double-check everything and sort out the sales. You can kick back, relax, and wait for our confirmation.
That's it! With these steps, your Wood Badge Course or Event will be a breeze. No stress, no fuss, just smooth sailing. Enjoy the simplicity and let us handle the nitty-gritty. Happy consigning!