Axe N Log Four Beads Patch

Axe N Log Four Beads Patch

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Proudly display this Axe and Log patch to show your Wood Badge loyalty. This is a great gift for your Wood Badgers or Gilwellians at reunions or to give to your patrol as a Thank You for the great memories.

The axe and log logo was conceived by the first Camp Chief, Francis Gidney, in the early 1920s to distinguish Gilwell Park from the Scout Headquarters. Gidney wanted to associate Gilwell Park with the outdoors and Scoutcraft rather than the business or administrative Headquarters offices. Scouters present at the original Wood Badge courses regularly saw axe blades masked for safety by being buried in a log. Seeing this, Gidney chose the axe and log as the totem of Gilwell Park.

The beads are copies of those reported to have been taken from the necklace from which Baden-Powell captured from Chief Dinizulu. The two beads on the leather thong is called the "Wood Badge," and gave the name "Wood Badge" to the advanced training course for adult leaders.

Scoutmasters wear four beads.

Product Dimensions: 3" round

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